Artisanal Preserves

At Enderberry Farm our commitment is to grow fresh food for our community. We love to experiment in the kitchen to craft delicious seasonal preserves that put new flavours and tasty goodness on your plate. Our preserves are made with fruit and vegetables from our farm & other BC farms. We hope you like them!

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Tomato Jam

Makes a grilled cheese gourmet, excellent with scrambled eggs and toast, or as the centre of a meat and cheese platter - our tomato jam will add flare to your plate!

Slightly sweet, a bit smokey, a hint of spice, and lots of flavour.

250mL jar | $9 + shipping

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CArrot Marmalade

A twist on the classic marmalade, this one has carrots alongside orange and lemon. Not too sweet, this is amazing on fresh biscuits or toast.

250mL jar | $9 + shipping


Cherry Cracked Black Pepper Jam

The sweet dark flavour of cherries will transport you to summer-time. This jam has full cherries, and a hint of black pepper. Not spicy, but not your average jam. Great on toast, or straight out of the jar.

250mL jar | $9 + shipping

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